Karin made contact to South Africa:
Cynthia lives in Johannisburg - when we have summer it is wintertime there (though they never have snow). Cynthia is a powerful business woman and rarely has time for patchwork (who is better off in that respect?) but still manages to finish quilts like this "Out of Africa".

Now I got news that she made plans to finish 100 quilts in a year! This idea probably came up in sort of a patchwork fever caused by that famous patchwork virus!
Anyway Cynthia is determined to keep her promise. The Rotary Club Johannisburg celebrates its 100th anniversary in February 2005 and those quilts (all big enough to cuddle in) shall be ready at this date to be raffled or put up for auction. So at the moment it is the time to eagerly cut and sew, organize and have many sleepless nights.

She has really made it! All quilts were finished in time. A big success - congratulations!