I am Hitomi Fujimaki. Because of my husband's business I lived in Augsburg from December 2000 to April 2005 and I happily became a member of group Patch '89.
Many of my quilt activities are connected to my home country of Japan.
I write articles for Japanese quilt magazines, books and TV. As Europe is famous for artwork, quilts and traditional culture I presented European quilt activities in my articles in Japan. And of course I also make quilts which are inspired by impressions, ideas and feelings in Europe and Japan.
I enjoyed to be part of various quilt exhibitions in Germany and I appreciate the help and support of my friends who gave me an insight impression of European culture. I am curious how this contact between Germany and Japan will bloom in the future.

Contest World Quilt Carnival 2005: Our Augsburg-Quilt "This is home" was showcased in Nagoya from 20.-22. Mai 2005. Hitomi Fujimaki was there to represent our group and to receive the award.

More pictures from the exhibition in Nagoya at