In Hungary - i.e. Szombathely (next to the Austrian border) our partner group "szépmüvesegylet" stands for patchwork. It is hard for us to pronounce their name but it is a poetic translation of "alliance of crafty people".
"Szépmüvesegylet" thus is a group of 10 cheerful women sewing lots of fanciful patchwork plus one doing pottery. Her unique buttons add that very special touch to the Szombathely patchwork. The group is very active, takes part in many exhibitions and has won quite a few prizes.
Our contact has started in 1998. Since then we have met many times and also exhibited together, e.g. 2001 in Augsburg and just now 2005 in Szombathely.
Different languages are not a problem but make the meetings charming and fascinating. Some Hungarians speak or understand a little bit German, one of us can understand and speak Hungarian - but everything else is understood by gesture, with scissors, needle and thread - as we have the common language of patchwork.
Easter 2005
Trip No. 2 to Hungary
We felt it was time to plan nother joint activity with our Hungarian patch friends. As both of our groups had beeen interested in the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser we decided to have an exhibition together in Szombathely to show what had impressed us deeply about him.

Eight German patchers and a husband - that was the team on the way to Szombathely shortly after Easter for a long week-end of fun. Our friends already welcomed us at the Hungarian border and all of us were kindly hosted at their private homes.
Our time was hardly long enough for our friends' demanding program, good food, fun, one afternoon of work and the opening of our exhibition in a small gallery in the center of Szombathely.
While the Augsburg quilts were mainly inspired by paintings the Hungarian ones referred to his
architecture. Thus and because of our different styles of work and fantasy this was quite a diverse choice of patchwork to remember Hundertwasser.

In the exhibition we met some ladies from Bad Blumau/Styria where F. Hundertwasser designed a wonderful and famous thermal spring with hotel. As this place is not far from the Hungarian border
we stopped by on our trip home and they guided us expertly through this fairytale like place.
A few impressions from our journey you can find in our photo gallery.

Collaboration Quilts